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Dicho: Better Said and Done

Just a few moments later in the Oreiro interview, Natalia Oreiro's father corrects himself with the phrase mejor dicho, which can be translated as "better said" or "rather." Note that dicho ("said") is the past participle of the irregular verb decir ("to say").


Es lo que te dije anteriormente, es ver a la gente, cómo...

It's what I told you previously, it's seeing the people, how...

Mejor dicho, ver a Natalia... cómo le llega a las personas ¿no?

Rather, seeing Natalia... how she reaches people, right?

Captions 80-83, Biografía Natalia Oreiro - Part 8

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We also hear dicho in our interview with the co-founder of Tu Rock es Votar Armando David. Armando says dicho y hecho ("said and done").


Y dicho y hecho, eso generó toda una controversia durante muchos meses en donde...

And said and done, that generated a whole controversy during many months in which...

Captions 67-68, Tu Rock es Votar - Armando

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Looking around at other dicho sayings, we found the catchy:

Del dicho al hecho hay gran trecho.
From the saying to the deed, there's a big distance.
(or "Easier said than done.")

By the way, another definition for dicho actually is "saying," as we noted previously in this space.


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